Negativity Saps Energy!

After a long, fun Skype chat with a friend this morning the subject of ‘debbie-downer-glass-always-empty’ people was top of mind, as we shared stories about people we know living in that state, to the point it’s become a habit. We all have issues, there’s always something that’s less than perfect going on in our life, and that folks is life… no one promised a daily dose of sunshine and lollipops. However, how we react is within our control.

The BIG, tragic stuff, yep, that’s going to pull you down, and all of us will empathize and support you during the trials. But the little, insignificant stuff that people whine and complain about daily; the paper was late, clouds are out, the coffee wasn’t that great, the neighbors dog barked, a call dropped, the exaggerated crisis’ are endless. Every suggestion us positive people make get countered with why it won’t work, why it’s a bad idea, how it’s going to flop. They form a negative opinion, before the idea even takes root! I always find it ironic that the people with the biggest issues, the real stuff, are the ones who are most positive and happy. Perhaps with adversity comes gratitude for the simple things in life.

I’ve just had two of these “hopeless” conversations back to back, followed by two that were all about what we can do, how can we make what is better. The negative ones sapped my energy, leaving me feeling tired and hopeless. The two positive ones lifted my spirits and gave me new energy for ideas to pursue.

People, get over the trivial stuff! I have no patience or energy to just discuss the horrors of life, from mundane to magnificent, the why me blues. We know it’s out there but let’s look at all the good things going on, all the things we have to be grateful for. Just the fact you’re reading this post means you’re on the internet, you can see, you can comprehend and best of all YOU’RE ALIVE! A whole ton of people would trade places with you in a heartbeat! Focus on the gratitude and joy. If you’re coffee isn’t the best, make another cup, see the cup as half full and be happy you have a cup at all!

Vent over… I feel much better now,. I’m in a really good mood. If you plan on changing that please don’t:) Happy Thursday!


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