The Magic of Disney never ends!

There is nothing I don’t love about all things Disney parks! The music, the food, the rides (the calm ones I go on, the wilder ones my kids go on while I people watch). Most of all, I love the magic, the whimsical feeling that takes over the second I enter the park – truth be known, as I enter the parking lot. That, coupled with spending time with my kids at the parks, in a word is pure, unaltered bliss. A place far from the stress, strain and worrisome reality beyond the gates. A place where we’re together, my favorite time to be.

I think this sign, hung above a tunnel walkway says it all. Walt Disney was brilliant in creating these parks and the legacy that will remain for generations to come.



My photos aren’t the greatest, but I choose to share them, because they’re a reminder of our latest lovely visit.



Oh Donald, you quack me up.:)


Two of my boys and I. Two of my favorite people on earth.


We were fortunate to be there for the second day after the re-opening of Fantasmic. It’s a gorgeous production; alone it’s worth the price of admission.



My absolute favorite, Beauty and the Beast. I seriously have a mad crush on Beast. 😍


The park at closing. Another glorious day… even twelve hours wasn’t enough. No visit is ever enough. As we drove away, plans were being made for our next time.

“See ya real soon”!


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