When life gives you tiny bread, make tiny sandwiches!

The adage states “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Yesterday, I gave it a new spin.


Rushing to prepare a quick lunch, between Skype meetings and other need-to-do-now assignments from my home office, I scampered to the kitchen, reached into the fridge for a pack of deli turkey and a jar of mayo – I mean, what’s a sandwich without mayo! Turning to grab the loaf of bread from its usual hangout, it dawned on me… In lieu of a boring loaf of bread wrapped in a plastic bag, I’d chosen cute little baguette slices to devour with a wedge of my beloved brie cheese. No time to go to a store, I had a choice… eat something else, or get (a little) creative. The photo explains which path I took…

Inspired by the bread, I grew more creative, adding a bit of the Brie and a light spread of yummy basil pesto to each tiny sandwich. What began as ingesting a needed sustenance, took on a momentary feeling of posh indulgence, albeit it cost no more than what I was already about to eat; a treat to savor instead of mindless scarfing. In turn, I relaxed, read a magazine and allowed work and obligation stress drift for at least the time it took me to eat.

The moral of the story is not to boast about my creative, culinary skills –  of which I am first to say I am sorely lacking. Rather it’s to remind me and you that almost every situation has two alternatives. A good one and a bad one, depending on how we choose to absorb it.  We can become frustrated, disappointed, stressed over the minor mishaps that invade our everyday life, or we can figure out a way around them and save being disgruntled for the big stuff.

Yes, the reminder to “not sweat the small stuff” is obvious and constantly shared, however, we still forget to apply it to our daily life. So many, too many, of us create internal and external discontent because we can’t get past petty nonsense by either finding an alternative solution and more times than not, the humor of the situation.

For the purpose of example to conclude my post, not being able to afford bread is huge. Not having bread you want is a minor inconvenience. When we acknowledge the difference, life gets a lot more livable.

So next time, life gives you lemons or tiny bread, make something wonderful from it… hmmm, wonder if I have any of those fixin’s left? 🙂



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